Norwich Local - Religion & Loneliness

Loneliness And Isolation


Members of the Norwich Interfaith Association and community leaders, including U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy, met at the Sikh Art Gallery to address concerns about loneliness among adults and the decline of church attendance. Gallup Polls show that church attendance has dropped since the pandemic, with only 30% of Americans attending weekly services compared to 34% before the pandemic. The decline is attributed to reasons like increased work commitments on weekends and a desire to blend in with society.

Religious organizations worry about self-preservation and maintaining their buildings due to limited contributions from a small number of churchgoers. State grants are hard to obtain due to religious affiliations. Churches’ decline also affects community groups that use religious spaces for meetings, including addiction recovery programs, which are essential for combating loneliness and isolation.

Sen. Murphy introduced the National Strategy for Social Communication Act to combat loneliness and isolation. However, some people may not find churches as safe spaces, necessitating a focus on promoting welcoming environments. To address these challenges, churches need to work together and seek more funding and support while promoting positivity toward faith and its benefits.