Norwich Local Haitian Bakery

Palermo Bakery opens in Greeneville


Palermo Bakery & Bar has recently opened its doors in Greeneville, Norwich, at 685 N. Main St., offering a delightful array of Haitian food. Currently serving Haitian patties, soup, and fritay (Haitian fried foods), the bakery’s owner, Jean Anicette, has plans to expand the business to include fresh bread and, eventually, a bar.

The idea for Palermo Bakery & Bar was inspired by Anicette’s and his wife’s frequent trips to New York, where they would buy patties and bread. Anicette also wanted to introduce more options for Haitian cuisine in Norwich. The name “Palermo” comes from Anicette’s passion for soccer, particularly the Argentinean soccer player Martin Palermo, whom he is a big fan of, and he has become known by that nickname among his friends.

Inside the bakery, the walls are painted a bright green, with food pictures hanging from the ceiling. Customers can be seen enjoying their patties and other treats while chatting with the staff. The business has been well-received by Norwich residents, including Norwich Police officers, who have tried and enjoyed the food. Anicette is thrilled that people from different backgrounds are loving the food, emphasizing that it is not just for Haitians but for everyone.

Palermo’s success has spurred Anicette’s enthusiasm to open a bar on the lower level at a later stage. However, before that can happen, the business needs a liquor license and a remodel of the lower level, which Anicette plans to buy from the current owner.

The community’s response has been positive, with residents expressing their appreciation for the unique and delicious offerings at Palermo Bakery & Bar. With a warm and welcoming atmosphere, the bakery is poised to become a popular spot for both locals and visitors alike to savor authentic Haitian flavors and enjoy the company of friends and family.